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Cai Lan Industrial Zone

Cai Lan Industrial Zone

Cai Lan industrial zone - Ha Long city invested by Quang Ninh Construction and Cement Company has the area of 78 ha with the total cap - ital of 150 bililon VND, the system of synchronous infrastructures: the system of water drainage supply, trasport system, wastewater treatment station, system of electricity supply and the communication system. Cai Lan industrial zone lies close to Cai Lan deep - sea port national highway 18A to the Suoth. Cai Lan port has a currenf for ships of 18 Miles (27 km); 110 wide; 8,8 deep and a tidial level of 3,6m (maximim 4,46.). Cai Lan port can accommodate ships of 40,000 tonsto go in and out for goods han dling.
Such favorable conditions listed above will attact investor in Cai Lan industrial zone. Particularly, in order to encourage investors in Cai Lan industrial zone, on March 2nd 2000 Quang Ninh Provincial People’s Committee issued the Decision No 445/2000/QĐ -UB reference issuing some favorable policies, invesment ancouragement in Quang Ninh industrial zone.
In the spirit of cooperation and interactive assistance based on equality and mutual benelit. Quang Ninh Constructrion and Cement Company will create all favorable condictions in Cai Lan industrial zone.

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